Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Portland Sign, Inside Elephant's Deli, Umbrella Man

Since the weather is beautiful, it's been great to get out to draw things on the Scavenger Hunt list. I drew the Portland sign on Sunday and then tried it again on Wednesday with Katharine and Linda (who will post their sketches soon).

I still haven't got it right, but that's enough looking up for a while.

We started the day by having our coffee and sketching inside Elephant's Deli by Director's Square. Drawing a drawing is a good way to warm up.

Color added at home.

We finished by drawing the Umbrella Man in Pioneer Square, the only one who was prepared for rain.

I agree with Katura, who said that this helps us see our city anew. Besides the scavenger hunt items, I've been seeing lots of other views and cityscapes that I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. It's fun!


  1. These are nice Vicky, I'm glad you girls had a chance to get out.

  2. Vicki, You did an amazing job on the Portland sign--very tough to get that angle of perspective right!