Monday, January 18, 2021

Virtual Sketchcrawl #13 - Light

Please join us for our thirteenth virtual sketchcrawl on Saturday, February 20th.

The Portland Winter Light Festival ( is going to happen again this year, distributed across the city and on two separate weekends in February, to make keeping apart easier.  Because we all need a ray of light in the depth of winter.

So, let's sketch 'Light', whatever that means to you.  Any media, day or night, ahead of time on on the morning of the 20th.

Cherry Trees on the Waterfront
by Kay French

Please post on the morning of Feb 20th, by:

(1) posting to this blog

(2) emailing to our mailing list, or

(3) posting in our Facebook group

As always, this challenge is optional, and you can be as strict to the subject or as loose as you like. Your participation is welcome whether you choose this challenge or not-- just make sure to work from life and to include contextual information, so it stays in the realm of urban sketching!

And Peggy has again graciously offered to host a zoom meetup that afternoon.  (Login details will follow on the mailing list, closer to the date.)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Virtual Sketchcrawl #12 - Winter - Empress Tree

I'd been thinking of sketching my own catalpa, because winter exposes its true nature, with branches chaotically strewing themselves every which way.  But from my windows on the first floor I can only really see its massive trunk, which doesn't change through the seasons.

So, when I realized that it wasn't going to be raining this morning, I decided to bundle up and walk to the MLC school grounds to do their empress tree instead.

Virtual Sketchcrawl #12 - Winter

 These two sketches (done over the last couple of weeks) are of a huge Catalpa Tree (trunk diameter is approx 3' at waist height) that I see outside of my bedroom window. The room is on the second floor so my view is slightly from above and looking at the neighbors interesting Victorian house.

I used my Pentel pocket Brush, Waterbrush with Noodlers Lexington Grey ink diluted with water, a Fude fountain pen with water soluble black ink, and some white gouache.

Looking out of northwest window

Looking out of the north window