Urban Sketchers around the world!

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  1. Hi,
    I am running a Journaling Sketchbook tour on Vancouver Island,,BC, Canada May 9 to 16th, 2020 ( www.RoamingArt.ca for more info)
    We will be offering a workshop each morning with a tour to spots for sketching , painting and/or journaling. Our travels will take us from Comox to Nanaimo, so it is a great opportunity to see what the island has to offer while learning new skills and having an opportunity to sit and sketch in your sketchbook or journal.
    Our guests will stay at the Shady Shores Beach Resort on the beach mid island.Accommodations a 2 Bedroom cottages on the shoreline.We have room for 8 guests.
    Would you be able to let your members know?  Thanks Deb  www.RoamingArt.ca info@roamngart.ca