Monday, February 18, 2013

NW 24th and NW Thurman in Portland

After a wonderful interlude at Kiva Tea and Spa our large group of sketchers dispersed to various parts. I was intending to sketch a corner at NW25th and Upshur but didn't quite make it there. I got distracted by the Ideal Theater at 24th and Thurman (Alanna found out more details about this site by reading the sign posted on the building but I just noted its est date). I loved the half round front (especially with the equally rounded shape of the Smart car parked it front) and it's special brick details. So I went no further and happily sketched it until the rain got beyond a few sprinkles. I then moved across the street to set myself under a convenient awning to sketch the Dragonfly Coffee House. This drawing was unfinished when the sketchers again gathered at Kenny and Zukes for lunch. My intention was to complete it afterward but the heavy rain made it impossible so I came back on Sunday morning to finish it up.

More Sketch Crawl....

After a long absence, I finally made it to a sketchcrawl! How great to see such a crowd gathered at Kiva....and lots of familiar faces. Only got one sketch done.... while sitting on a bench with an umbrella hovering over my sketch pad. Great fun afterwards seeing everyone's sketches. We sure have a talented group of people!! Thanks for sharing everyone. It's such a great way to re-explore some of Portland's wonderful neighborhoods.

                                                           Under the awning

Linda Engstrom

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Salt & Straw

After the sketchers gathered at Kiva Tea Bar in Northwest Portland, taking over one table after another...

...I wandered out the door looking for something to sketch and found myself thinking of Salt & Straw, an amazing little ice cream shop with locations on both NW 23rd and NE Alberta.  I wandered down NW 23rd and planted myself at the corner next to Salt & Straw to capture their nicely designed signage. This sketch was mostly done by the time a light rain commenced and I had to duck inside.

NW Portland Sketching

On Saturday we met up at Kiva Tea Bar and Spa before dispersing throughout Northwest Portland to sketch and paint. There was about 15 or so sketchers enjoying some coffee and tea all the while, drawing each other. I managed to get a couple quick sketches in while I ate some delicious chocolate almond butter on toast. After leaving, I took the car up to a side street and parked it with a good view of the ridge that sits above Northwest. Managed to get down a pretty good sketch of this scenic vista before regrouping at Kenny and Zukes to look at everyone's sketches. It was great fun looking through everyone's books and meeting some new sketchers. I hope to see you all again soon.

Saturday's Sketchcrawl

Here are our photos from our sketchcrawl yesterday. I think there were 18 of us! I hope to see you all and sketch with you all again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sketchcrawl in NW Portland

So nice to be able to attend another sketch session. What a great turn out! Did we really have 15 people out today? New faces and wonderful reunion of some people we haven't seen in a while. 👍
I took advantage of a view of the building across the street from the Kiva Tea House and Spa. This is a great neighborhood and I hope we come back again!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NW Sketchcrawl on Sat, Feb 16

Join us for a sketchcrawl in Northwest Portland this Saturday, February 16th!

We'll meet up at 10 am at the Kiva Tea Bar & Spa, at 1533 NW 24th Ave (corner of NW 24th and Raleigh).  

Let's regroup for lunch and sketchbook-sharing at 12:30 at Kenny & Zuke's Bagelworks, 2376 NW Thurman St. (just east of the corner of NW Thurman and 24th.)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Barcelona Chats

The 4th International Urban Sketchers Symposium is going to be in Barcelona, Spain this summer. Whether  you have solid plans to attend, or just like daydreaming about this interesting city, we invite you to join us for informal Barcelona chats! Feel free to bring books, maps, stories, etc.

Barcelona Dreamin,' Round One:
Sunday, Feb 3rd.
10 am.
Lovejoy Bakers,
939 NW 10th Avenue (corner of 10th and Lovejoy, hopefully near enough to Angelika's side of town?)

Barcelona Dreamin,' Round Two:
Saturday, February 9th.
3 pm.
Waypost Coffee House and Tavern,
3120 N. Williams Ave (a bit north of Williams and Monroe)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Something after dark

Across the room in the evening sits my husband with his laptop oblivious of my attempt to sketch him!

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You do your VooDoo that you do so well

I am posting this for Linda D. She wants to contribute to the "the donut fest 2013"

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