Monday, April 30, 2012

Stumptown Comics Fest: Fashion Notes

Spent a lovely Saturday afternoon browsing the incredible piles of talent on display at the Stumptown Comics Fest this past weekend. Part of the fun is always seeing what people are wearing! While waiting to meet up with some friends, I did these quick fashion sketches of folks purchasing tickets to the show.

Quite a lot of vintage-inspired outfits, bordering on historical costume pieces, but plenty of punk rock black leather jackets and good reliable trench coats with Batman patches to balance out the tweedy vibe. 

My friend Isabel was in the spirit of fancy hats with a twist of Victoriana that day, so I'll share this fast (but more detailed) sketch I did of her at breakfast before the event.

Scavenger Hunt Blog Challenge

Portland Urban Sketchers have been challenged to get motivated to not only get out and sketch on location, but to also POST TO THE BLOG!

Here are the rules:
Get out and sketch as many things on the Scavenger Hunt List below (one item per sketch, please) and then Post to the blog. The person with the most scavenger hunt items posted on the blog by September 1, 2012 will get a prize. (this challenge is currently open to members of the google group and those that want to be a contributor to this blog.)

The Scavenger Hunt List:
elk statue
umbrella man
inside elephant's deli
food cart
lamp post
fountain (any)
fire hydrant
dog with its owner
someone wearing stripes
the Bike Pile
a watercraft of some sort
a bicycle
'3 Groins in a Fountain'
a bridge
Benson bubbler
a rose
Mt. Hood
something with a bird on it
The Pigs in NW
someone with unusual hair
the Gondola
Portland sign
Hung Far Low sign
Farmer's Market
a McMenamin's place

Worldwide Sketchcrawl

I had to work on April 21, missing most of the W.S.
I was able to meet up with the big group of Portland Urban Sketchers and have a meal with them at Silk.

Oaks Park Organ

I had a unique experience recently. At Oaks Park skating rink, we got to go in to the little room where the organ is played on Sunday and Thursday nights. The organ used to be at the Broadway theater, downtown, and was used for sound effects for movies until they came out with "talkies". Keith demonstrated the bird chirps, train whistle and telephone effects. Keith has a passion for playing and his girlfriend is an excellent dance skater.

I sketched this standing up and did it quickly when I realized what a unique experience this was!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Portland Art Museum & Lan Su Garden

This is my first drawing using my new Noodler's Flex Pen. Linda E. and I were downtown on a Monday and since we couldn't get into Portland Art Museum we decided to take advantage of a good break in the weather and sketch in the sculpture court.

 Here I am experimenting again with the Flex Pen and a new brown ink from Noodler's (Kiowa). Later after I got home I applied some water to the ink to see what would happen....possibilities?
 At the Lan Su Garden I choose not to enter the garden but to draw from the outside. The day being sunny and warm I sought out shade to sit in while drawing the wonderful shadow patterns on the walls of the garden.

After the Garden

Last Saturday, after a lovely few hours sketching at Lan Su, we met up with the "night shift" of urban sketchers and headed for a delightful Vietnamese restaurant in the Pearl District. Lots of animated conversations about paints, bikes, international travel, and so forth ensued. I couldn't resist sketching people as they talked, and sketching the delicious dinners as well!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Wonderful sunny Saturday with the Urban Sketchers at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland. I had been digging through my art supplies and trying to find the absolute perfect brush before I headed out, because I had a vision in my head of what kind of drawings I wanted to do--like a long thin rigger-style brush, with really graceful painted lines...But when I got to the garden, I randomly pulled out a white paint pen and the sketchbook with black paper, and did that instead. Silly old brain.
Yes, it's the time of year for baby ducks in the fish pond. They were fantastic to watch. And when I got bored of the pattern of roof tiles, the scales on the fish took over nicely.

Then, after staring at that magnolia flower for a while, I shifted to a tube of "moonglow" watercolor paint and my travel brush with the water reservoir in the handle. Again, not what I had been planning to do. Again, lots of fun.

There was a pretty huge group of us passing around sketchbooks by the time we re-grouped out in front of the garden. Delightful doodles all around!

Will post sketches from the post-garden dinner soon.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hi, haven't been out much but on rainy mornings I'm perfectly happy sketching the living room, especially someone else's living room. I seem to revert to wonky angles anytime I do a drawing like this, I should have tried to at least maintain horizontal.    Ink drawing (Pitt Pen) with watercolor.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pascale's Studio

Pascale invited us to her studio.

We enjoyed peeking at her supplies

Making a list of books we should read

and  thumbing through her sketchbooks
We snacked on good cheese and bread

And of course we sketched, and chatted.

 We noticed the sun coming in...

so we toured the garden
And we met her kitty. :)