Monday, April 30, 2012

Stumptown Comics Fest: Fashion Notes

Spent a lovely Saturday afternoon browsing the incredible piles of talent on display at the Stumptown Comics Fest this past weekend. Part of the fun is always seeing what people are wearing! While waiting to meet up with some friends, I did these quick fashion sketches of folks purchasing tickets to the show.

Quite a lot of vintage-inspired outfits, bordering on historical costume pieces, but plenty of punk rock black leather jackets and good reliable trench coats with Batman patches to balance out the tweedy vibe. 

My friend Isabel was in the spirit of fancy hats with a twist of Victoriana that day, so I'll share this fast (but more detailed) sketch I did of her at breakfast before the event.


  1. Sweet! Thanks for coming, and I'm glad you caught some of those outfits - I was too manic and busy to draw but was noticing lots of good models :-)

  2. These are great Katura. I too loved seeing all of the costumes especially the 'Steampunk'.

  3. Thanks for the fashion reporting, Katura! Really nice sketch of your fashionable friend.

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