Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dr Sketchy @ Stumptown comicfest

 Dr Sketchy offered up five models placed throughout the room to sketch. This one above is the only group pose. It was one of the longest at 20 minutes...and I am offering it up as my first installment for the 'scavenger hunt' under the category of ......someone w/ unusual hair. I overheard someone say that his hair was quite a challenge. And I agree. I had attempted it in some of the other sketches that didn't make the cut!
 Here I am testing out my sample of Noodler's Bad Blue Heron ink in a Pilot Penmanship w/ extra fine nib.
 This model had on a wonderful top hat that I had spotty success in drawing.


  1. Deb, I love them all, but the Bad Blue Heron one has a great sculptural feel to it. The group pose is very theatrical and the hair adds to the drama. Congratulations on starting off the Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

  2. Love how these turned out, Deb. The bold black & gray on the back-view of tophat girl is my fave, it feels so solid and confident the way you shaded it.

    I've posted my sketches from that session on my personal blog, over here:

    The guy with the crazy hair? I saw him shortly after the drawing session was over, and turns out it was a wig. He had a head that was shaved as bald as a cue-ball under all that craziness. Who knew?!?

  3. Lovely! I am excited to be watching you experiment further with fountain pens :-) And thanks for visiting my table at Stumptown!

  4. Wow Katura, who would have guessed? Bald!
    And Thanks Vicky. Kalina, it was fun to be there...and I am enjoying my postcards...I think I bought them for me and don't really want to send them away.