Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt, Item No. 14: Bike

Walking home down Belmont last night, I noticed a rather nutty bike parked outside a bar. Quick sketch with a copic marker and a pale gray brush-tip pen caught the gist of it fairly well. A classic example of kids' bikes adapted for adults...with style being a bigger consideration that safety, of course.

Wandering further down the street, there was quite a party going on at the park--at which I sketched this bike that was crazier by far:

OK, it was actually two blue BMX bikes welded together side-by-side; I've simplified it for the sake of clarity in this sketch. The bikes were attached to a giant welded steel dome that I can only describe as a sort of hamster-cage. I suspect that when the riders slam on the brakes, they may well end up doing a full summersault with the cage rolling them in a flip before they come to a landing. (You'll be happy to know that there were two bike helmets hanging from the hamster-ball structure, by the way.)

I had intended to look for a stretched out cargo bike, one of those that hauls a whole heap of children on the front or back, for this element of the scavenger hunt--but these two raised their hands so charmingly, I just couldn't resist!

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  1. Katura, I love the bikes you found to draw. It's fun to try to think of a different way to draw some of the scavenger hunt items. A hamster ball bike takes it for most unusual!