Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day sketching

Kalina Got us out sketching on memorial day. We met at staccato gelato where we warmed up sketching. I found a fire hydrant to sketch (though i think Katura's version is closer to a Pete Scully than mine!!!!
We went to a funeral home and were impressed by all the people memorialized within the old building. I did not end up sketching the building, but I attempted an old stone bridge 'to nowhere' as Pascale said. I sketched from two angles and liked my second attempt more. Checked off scavenger hunt list: bridge and fire hydrant.


  1. Once again, you really tell the story of the day. I love the group playing Sorry!

  2. The sketch of Kalina sketching outside of Staccato Gelatto is so delightful--I love her relaxed but focused facial expression, the way she's holding the pen, the texture of her hair--so many great details that you are observing and capturing! And brown pen with watercolor over the top is one of my favorite approaches, it's so very Beatrix Potter. (I say that as a devoted BP fan).