Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt, Item No. 30: Any McMenamin's

My sweetie and I went to the Science Pub at the Bagdad Theater last night. Figured I should sketch the inside of the lobby and theater area, since the venue is run by the McMenamin's chain. (And a lovely example of keeping a historic landmark relevant and thriving, too!)

It occurs to me that I haven't busted out my watercolor kit in many months...indeed, it might almost be a year since I've used them. Very strange. I found it comforting to be doing these sketches in a very dark building, where I couldn't even tell for sure what color paint I was dipping the brush into--it was largely just navigating by lights and darks, come what may. A pleasant exercise in not clutching the reigns too tightly!

To further throw caution to the wind, I whacked the top sketch with a few blasts of blue glitter spray, and dug out the stinky gold paint pen for more bling on the second one. (Neither are actually approaches that I'd recommend in a crowded theater!) But it seemed a good way to keep from taking my return to watercolor too seriously.

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