Friday, May 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Item 23: Bird on It

The first thing I sketched with a bird on it was a t-shirt that was clearly playing off the hype of the Portlandia show. Funny, but too commercial to stand on its own.

I was beyond thrilled when I found the second bird-on-it: a bike parked in front of a martial arts studio had splendid hand-painted "FLY FREE" sign on the milk-crate, with two rather lovely paintings of white crows on black backgrounds on the side panels of cardboard. Now that is old-school DIY bird-putting if I've ever seen it.


  1. Que bonito seu blog, gostei muito de conhecer.
    Vou estar seguindo pra estar voltando em breve.

    Grande abraço!

    1. E um gran prazer recibir sua nota! U grupo de sketchers aqui em Portland tem tanto talento, e divertido desenhar a cuidade com eles. Beijinhos!