Saturday, May 18, 2024

Heads up for July!

A bunch of us are going to SketcherFest in Edmonds, WA over the weekend of July 20. So today we decided to move our July sketchcrawl to Saturday, July 27.

Also, if anyone going to Edmonds wants to carpool, there's a posting over on our facebook page ( to connect with other drivers.   If you don't do FB, then reply or comment to this, and someone will (I hope) help connect you.  You can also take Amtrak directly to Edmonds from Portland if that sounds appealing

There are still tickets left for a few events. If you scroll down on this page to the individual event listings, it looks like the ones that say "add to cart" are the ones that still have availability.

Kennedy School

We started out with dry weather, if fairly cloudy, and I was thinking how silly we'd been for chickening out and choosing a place where we could get under shelter if need be.  And then I felt raindrops.  It didn't rain for long, but enough that we had the throw-down under a gazebo.

Thanks for coming out everybody.  It was good to see you all.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

May 18 Sketchcrawl - Kennedy School

Sketch by Deb Rossi
Because the weather can still be a bit unpredictable in May, let's meet at McMenamins Kennedy School (5736 NE 33rd Ave), where we'll have indoor and outdoor sketching options. 

The Courtyard Restaurant, inside Kennedy School, opens for breakfast at 7 AM if anyone wants to grab coffee or a bite, and Autumn Coffee Roasting is just down the street at Killingsworth and 33rd. The 70 and 72 buses stop right by Kennedy School.

  • 10 AM--Meet in front of Kennedy School, at the main 33rd Street entrance, for introductions
  • 12 noon--meet at the same place for an optional sketchbook throwdown. If it's raining, we'll figure out an indoor meet-up location when we get there.
  • After--lunch at the Courtyard Restaurant for anyone who wants to hang around?

Sketch by Glenn Tyler

(When I searched our blog for sketches to use, I found an announcement for the last time we'd scheduled a visit here.  For March 21, 2020.  Well, that didn't happen.)