Monday, March 8, 2021

Virtual Sketchcrawwl #15- Sketching with only three things

Virtual Sketchcrawl #15 Please join us for our fifteenth virtual sketchcrawl on Saturday, April 17th
This sketchcrawl was first brought to my attention through a January 17th fb post by Pat Southern- Pearce. It had been a uskTalks challenge. This second season of uskTalks is well worth looking into if you haven't tuned in yet. I have been viewing them on YouTube as I am not always available when they are live.

In Vicky Porter's sketch above, she has used black ink, a grey was and white gel pen. The paper whether toned or white is a given. In my sketch, in the header, I used black ink, grey wash and a watersoluble sepia ink.

Other options are open; perhaps choosing three colors, or combining marker with pencil and a color wash.

Please post on the morning of April 17th, by:

(1) posting to this blog

(2) emailing to our mailing list, or

(3) posting in our Facebook group

As always, this challenge is optional, and you can be as strict to the subject or as loose as you like. Your participation is welcome whether you choose this challenge or not-- just make sure to work from life and to include contextual information, so it stays in the realm of urban sketching!

And Peggy has again graciously offered to host a zoom meetup that afternoon. (Login details will follow on the mailing list, closer to the date.)