Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Needs Donuts?

Since there was a request to send donut sketches in, I thought I'd post mine. It's a slightly different view of the plate of donuts that was also sketched by Katharine.

And here are a few more belated scavenged sketches.

tree without leaves

Bakery Bar, drawn in the car with markers 
 A couple of night sketches at Jimmy Mak's...

And while we're on the topic of donuts, you should check out my favorite donut book, Who Needs Donuts?

Last 3 for the Scavenger Hunt

Last night I sketched this taco stand, at the SW 9th and Alder food carts.  I even asked permission.  It is called La Jarochita 2.  They mostly sell burritos actually (yummy ones).  I love that there is a tree growing through their awning.

Scavenger Hunt - Taco Stand

Today was mostly sunny and so gloriously warm.  I went back over to Portlandia and did a couple of quick blind contours.  Definitely liking the EF pen for the looser sketching.

Scavenger Hunt - Portlandia Blind Contour

Scavenger Hunt - Portland Blind Contour

Here's Portlandia from a few weeks ago, when I didn't realize it was supposed to be a blind contour.

This morning I hiked up to Portland Heights and realized that we live in a hill town.  (This would really be a great summer time sketching area, you guys.)  Then I came back home and did a sketch on my roof of the same area, seen from a distance.  With gloves on.  And that great EF pen again.

Scavenger Hunt - drawing with gloves on

I might go sketch at Powell's again tomorrow, of something that's recognizably Powell's.

This has been super fun.

Last Minute Scavenger Hunt Sketches

drawing on the Max with gloves on

sweet pea bakery
posting from my phone and its not  easy. last couple of sketches for the scavenger hunt challenge

The gloves are on!

We live by Blue Lake Park where there is a new disc golf course. I packed a cushion, gloves and my sketchbook and hiked onto the course to a copse of trees and sketched this basket (goal). Sketching with gloves on forces one to be quite a bit looser which might not be a bad idea to practice.

Posted by Katharine

Location:Blue Lake Park

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket Notebook

I recently bought a small notebook that I can use for shopping lists and other tedious daily notes. Since it is small enough to fit in my coat pocket, and the paper has no lines, it ends up being very useful for unplanned sketching adventures, too.
This statue is so shiny and luminous in the rain!

Such as the other day, when I was running errands downtown and found myself contemplating Portlandia in the rain. (Note: flimsy paper + ballpoint pen + steady drizzle = rip city.)

Scavenger Hunt: Blind Contour of Portlandia

Scavenger Hunt: Blind Contour of Portlandia

Or, when I recently hopped off the bus and found myself right outside Voodoo Doughnut II.
Scavenger Hunt: A doughnut. One that returns your gaze, even, while twiddling its mustache.
Handy little tool, indeed! 

Unusual material

Now this really was a challenge! I raided my daughter's makeup kit and sketched some of the contents using the contents! The end product is really greasy and gooey. But I found a makeup pencil sharpener that will work great for my pastel pencils.

Posted by Katharine

Scavenger Hunt - unusual material

This is a hippo candle holder at my apartment.  I painted it with coffee grounds, coffee, tomato sauce, and soy sauce on a water color paper postcard.  I think I am going to send it to my friend who gave me the hippo candle.  :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Neighborhood theater

One more challenge met. I parked across the street on Powell Blvd. to do this one. This is not an attractive theater front but it was the closest.

Posted by Katharine

View from a Window

I decided to work on one of the scavenger hunt items yesterday. Here's a view from an upstairs, urban window.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 small sketches

Scavenger hunt: brewery

Bridgeport Brewing Company, in NW in/near the Pearl.  Sketched from the Safeway Cafe at around 8pm.

Pascale's beautiful apple tart, so delicious!  Sketched at Pascale's studio yesterday.  I also got some books, pens, sketchbooks, and an art case - very cool stuff.  Thanks for hosting, Pascale, and thanks to everybody who brought things to exchange.  Also thanks for the delicious food :)  I'm getting hungry now thinking about it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter/Holiday tradition

As this is the only sketch I finished for the scavenger hunt I thought I'd post it.
A winter/holiday tradition in our family is mince pies. No, not those overly rich thick wedges of a 9" American pie. These are British mince pies,shallow, 2" in diameter tarts. These are mandatory at a British Christmas.
I learned to make them from my Mum. She came to the 1948 to marry a handsome Yank, my Dad. Unable to find the special pans and cutters, her sister sent them over. They became a fav of my Dad's.Even people who don't like mincemeat like them.I have carried on the tradition as my family loves them,too. The secret is flaky pastry and about a tablespoon of Robertson's mincemeat.
My Mum and Dad are no longer with us but every year I shed a few tears as I bake these thinking of them. These are the original pans and cutters sent so many years ago. They still bake up a mean tart!

Scavenger hunt - non white paper

Sketched from the Big Pink, SW Oak & 6th.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sketching on Jan. 23, 203

1st Congregational Church on SW Park - did a sketch while waiting for the speaker (also while he was speaking - is that rude?)  What a beautiful building though.  Also that speaker was great.

Scavenger hunt: neighborhood theater.

This is my neighborhood movie theater - the Regal Fox Tower.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Non white paper

I've come down with the dreaded cold so I thought I'd sketch my new best friends. I did this on 600 grit black sandpaper using soft pastel pencils.

Posted by Katharine

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A bakery

We had lunch today at Selma's Bakery and Deli. She serves delicious Mediterranean food and Turkish coffee. I finished this sketch at home with gray Tombo markers.

Posted by Katharine

Scavenger hunt - donut

Sketched this yesterday at Fred Meyer - taking a break from grocery shopping.  Time to make more donuts!

Noodle Sketching on Thursday Night

Last Saturday, after the sketch-crawl at Powells, a team of sketchers had lunch at Noodles & Co. We were having such a good time that we caught the attention of one of the managers. He stopped by our tables and invited us to come back with a coupon for more noodles--on the house! 

Join us for noodles sketching (and eating) on Thursday, Jan 24 at 7 pm. The restaurant is at 100 NW 10th Ave, on the corner of 10th and Couch (very near Powell's books.) Katura's got the magic coupon...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guest Sketches from Cassie Bouska

Some of you may remember meeting Cassie Bouska, who joined us from out of town during our October 2012 sketchcrawl. Cassie just send scans of the drawings she did on that day, and hopes that she'll manage to join us again in Portland for more sketching some day!

Floyd's Coffee sketch ... no color ...

The Hawthorne Bridge

The Old Town Pizza, done during lunch

The First Congregational Church

Powells Books

Sitting outside of Powell's Books in the sun yesterday was quite lovely.
Scavenger Hunt: Powell's Books
When I moved to the shade to get more dramatic angles of the sun, it was suddenly very cold!

Scavenger Hunt: Drawn with gloves on, brrrr!
 I ended up back inside, sketching other sketchers sketching up on the top floor.
I really liked Linda's scarf, such nice colors.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Here are some sketches for the scavenger hunt, created and accumulated since December 1!

A bakery. An Xuyen, done at the December sketch crawl.

Powell's Bookstore.  Well it's looking out the window of Powell's Bookstore.  Hmm, maybe this one doesn't count.  Anyway, it was done at the January sketch crawl.  (Yesterday.)

Someone drinking coffee. (And looking at his iPhone.)

Something after dark.  This is upstairs at the Timberline Lodge in mid-December.  It was after dark and there was a blizzard going on outside.  

One of my winter time traditions.  A decorated rosemary tree surrounded by presents.

Something through a window.  Looking at a nearby building from inside Gaya Gaya.

Multiple trees with no leaves.  Just had brunch at Tin Shed.

Worldwide Sketchcrawl

Here are some photos of our sketching group when we were introducing ourselves and getting in some sketching in the cafe at Powell's. It was great to have such a good turn-out.

 Here are a couple of my sketches, the first in the cafe...

and the next, a sketch of sketchbooks on the art floor...

I wasn't thrilled with what I drew yesterday, but I felt very inspired by what I saw of other's work. It was fun to see the familiar people and to meet so many new sketchers, too. It was too bad that we missed some folks due to sickness, or travel, or slick streets, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at some of our upcoming events.