Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - unusual material

This is a hippo candle holder at my apartment.  I painted it with coffee grounds, coffee, tomato sauce, and soy sauce on a water color paper postcard.  I think I am going to send it to my friend who gave me the hippo candle.  :)


  1. Now this is unusual material for sure! Will you keep it in the fridge? I think we should have had a challenge of drawing outside under an umbrella. Would have been appropriate.

  2. You have embraced this challenge awesomely! Wonderful idea to send to your friend....i hope the grounds hold up going through the postal system.

  3. I know, I hope it doesn't attract bugs either! And Katharine, I agree with you about the umbrella challenge. Maybe we should do it anyway! Erg!