Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 small sketches

Scavenger hunt: brewery

Bridgeport Brewing Company, in NW in/near the Pearl.  Sketched from the Safeway Cafe at around 8pm.

Pascale's beautiful apple tart, so delicious!  Sketched at Pascale's studio yesterday.  I also got some books, pens, sketchbooks, and an art case - very cool stuff.  Thanks for hosting, Pascale, and thanks to everybody who brought things to exchange.  Also thanks for the delicious food :)  I'm getting hungry now thinking about it.


  1. Your night-time Bridgeport Brewery is remarkably eery looking to me and I like the colors you have used.
    Pascale's cake looks good enough to I it that is. Very nice overall. The colors and patterns and line.....!

  2. Hi Deb, I was feeling strange that night too - the Safeway was almost closing, and the cafe there was pretty much empty. It was a bit eery.