Monday, January 21, 2013

Guest Sketches from Cassie Bouska

Some of you may remember meeting Cassie Bouska, who joined us from out of town during our October 2012 sketchcrawl. Cassie just send scans of the drawings she did on that day, and hopes that she'll manage to join us again in Portland for more sketching some day!

Floyd's Coffee sketch ... no color ...

The Hawthorne Bridge

The Old Town Pizza, done during lunch

The First Congregational Church


  1. These are wonderful sketches and the color is beautiful too.

  2. Love your technique (crosshatching and color) Cassie and that Hawthorne Bridge detail is awesome. Hope you can join us again sometime soon for a better weather day of sketching.

  3. Cassie, I really like your vignettes and how you so adeptly use the white space to add to your composition-- along with a touch of color. I hope to see you at another sketchcrawl.