Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last 3 for the Scavenger Hunt

Last night I sketched this taco stand, at the SW 9th and Alder food carts.  I even asked permission.  It is called La Jarochita 2.  They mostly sell burritos actually (yummy ones).  I love that there is a tree growing through their awning.

Scavenger Hunt - Taco Stand

Today was mostly sunny and so gloriously warm.  I went back over to Portlandia and did a couple of quick blind contours.  Definitely liking the EF pen for the looser sketching.

Scavenger Hunt - Portlandia Blind Contour

Scavenger Hunt - Portland Blind Contour

Here's Portlandia from a few weeks ago, when I didn't realize it was supposed to be a blind contour.

This morning I hiked up to Portland Heights and realized that we live in a hill town.  (This would really be a great summer time sketching area, you guys.)  Then I came back home and did a sketch on my roof of the same area, seen from a distance.  With gloves on.  And that great EF pen again.

Scavenger Hunt - drawing with gloves on

I might go sketch at Powell's again tomorrow, of something that's recognizably Powell's.

This has been super fun.


  1. Love the bright colors of the taco stand! And that's a really neat sketch from Portland Heights. I agree with you that this has been great fun and a great incentive to keep on sketching!

  2. These are great! Congratulations for being our winner. You had some outstanding sketches and I enjoyed your posts.