Friday, January 25, 2013

Scavenger hunt - non white paper

Sketched from the Big Pink, SW Oak & 6th.


  1. This looks great! I love the long, toned paper for this. I've always wanted to sketch this bank, but I've always been too intimidated by all the detail. Now, I might be even more intimidated!
    Is there a public space in the Big Pink where there are good window views?

    1. Thanks Vicky. Yeah there is a public space there. It's on the second floor. I often go there to eat lunch from the carts. You can get there by going up the escalator across from Subway, near the entry between Subway and Edible Complex. There are huge windows with great views. Actually it would be great to sketch at the 30th floor sometime but then you would probably have to at least buy one expensive drink. It would be worth it though.

    2. Oh I was so excited when I discovered that public space in Big Pink! It would be a fun winter sketching meet-up space I think, though I'm not sure what the weekend hours are like...Lovely sketch. Is that a white gel pen? The cross-hatching really works super well here.

    3. Hi Katura,

      I'll check out the weekend hours soon and let you know. I think it's open on the weekends but I will check and make sure. It really would make a great winter sketching meet-up space - especially because you don't even have to buy anything at all.

      That is a white gel pen :)


  2. Wonderful architectural detail.....and the challenge of non white paper really sings. I didn't know of this public place but I agree it would be an interesting view point!