Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket Notebook

I recently bought a small notebook that I can use for shopping lists and other tedious daily notes. Since it is small enough to fit in my coat pocket, and the paper has no lines, it ends up being very useful for unplanned sketching adventures, too.
This statue is so shiny and luminous in the rain!

Such as the other day, when I was running errands downtown and found myself contemplating Portlandia in the rain. (Note: flimsy paper + ballpoint pen + steady drizzle = rip city.)

Scavenger Hunt: Blind Contour of Portlandia

Scavenger Hunt: Blind Contour of Portlandia

Or, when I recently hopped off the bus and found myself right outside Voodoo Doughnut II.
Scavenger Hunt: A doughnut. One that returns your gaze, even, while twiddling its mustache.
Handy little tool, indeed! 


  1. Katura, I love the contours of Portlandia especially the one from above. And leave it to Voodoo to make a slightly sinister but definitely fun donut.

  2. Neat sketch of Portlandia. You really caught the wet metal look. And did you gobble up that cute little doughnut? I don't think I'm going to get around to doing the blind contour. I like the ones you did...very graceful lines.

  3. That's a very sensitive drawing of Portlandia at the the top. You showed an expression that we don't often notice.