Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Here are some sketches for the scavenger hunt, created and accumulated since December 1!

A bakery. An Xuyen, done at the December sketch crawl.

Powell's Bookstore.  Well it's looking out the window of Powell's Bookstore.  Hmm, maybe this one doesn't count.  Anyway, it was done at the January sketch crawl.  (Yesterday.)

Someone drinking coffee. (And looking at his iPhone.)

Something after dark.  This is upstairs at the Timberline Lodge in mid-December.  It was after dark and there was a blizzard going on outside.  

One of my winter time traditions.  A decorated rosemary tree surrounded by presents.

Something through a window.  Looking at a nearby building from inside Gaya Gaya.

Multiple trees with no leaves.  Just had brunch at Tin Shed.


  1. very cool! I really wanted to join in today but I lost my nerve. I'll make it next time.

  2. Love these Andrea...your selection of subject and what you choose to highlight in color is just wonderful. I love the spare line work too. A fave, the view out of Powells' window!