Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No 6, Streetlamp, and No 8, Fire Hydrant

Well, I pretended that I was going to get stuff done around the house on Memorial Day, but then I wisely hopped on the bike to join the Urban Sketchers down in Sellwood for some sketching instead. I've got temporary possession of the Shared Sketchbook that's focused on the theme of public works...so a perfect excuse to knock a few things off of the scavenger hunt list, on that gorgeous rich watercolor paper!

I'll try to bring the shared sketchbook to another sketchcrawl soon, so other folks can dive in. Seems like a lot of things on our scavenger hunt list are appropriate for the public works theme: streetcar, lamp post, fountain, fire hydrant, bridge, Benson bubbler...


  1. Your contributions to the book are lovely. I like the detailed fire hydrant, with its reflection and the crisscross of lines and lights makes a really nice composition. It looks like you made a good decision to join the sketchers.

    1. Aw, thanks Vicky! It has been so helpful to be in this community that enjoys going out on drawing adventures. The social and the artistic benefits of the group are both delightful.