Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt, Item No 22: Beer

The night I saw our list of scavenger hunt items posted online, it totally transformed the way I looked around at the city. I found myself at the supermarket, contemplating the design possibilities of six-packs of beer bottles. What colors, what brands, what light and shadow, would various brands of beer offer as models for a sketch? (I don't drink beer myself, so no loyalty to a particular flavor was there to steer me.)
And then, walking home from the grocery store, I stumbled across an adult dodge-ball game in full swing at the park. Dozens of people, pegging each other with big rubber playground balls, hollering playful obscenities at each other, and yes, drinking beer. When a can at the edge of the tennis court was knocked over and partly crushed by a stray ball, I knew I had some sketching to do!

Welcome to Portland.


  1. This has opened up a whole new way of noticing and recording the things around you. I love your process here and the drawing illustrates it so well.

  2. I like what you said about opening up design possibilities. This challenge really helps with that. It shakes us up a bit and it's fun to think of all the different ways to represent a topic.

    I like how your drawing tells a story or maybe several possible stories.

  3. It almost seems like the storytelling piece is the part of the challenge that is most appealing to me. What beer, what bike, what view of the Portlandia statue, is most "Portland?" It's a fun mental puzzle!