Monday, August 6, 2012

Vista Bridge and Plein Air painting

While most of our Portland usk members were out and about last weekend doing the watercolor workshop with Marc and Shari (and having a terrific time based on Mike's photos) Jill, Marianne and I staked ourselves out to sketch the Vista Bridge from SW Jefferson.

View east down SW Jefferson to downtown Portland
 I had been thinking about sketching the bridge for sometime now and thought it would be interesting. After several attempts (many others not shown....) I found in each sketch that I kept losing my place in the structure....this was incredibly challenging!

Afterward I headed to the South Park blocks to see the Plein Air artists at work. It was a wonderful to walk around and see (and smell the oil paint) so many painters out there working at the most amazing views. I tried to do some people sketching and it was really nice to see a crowd enjoying the scene too.


  1. Great location for sketching. And I can relate to the difficulties of "keeping your place" when drawing a bridge--yikes! Well done. Were you using markers?

  2. Thanks Katura...and yes, I used my two small Pitt markers.

    1. The colors you chose are lovely--understated and elegant. Really nicely done!

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