Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OHSU Tram & SW Waterfront

OHSU Tram and Pedestrian Bridge
Our Saturday sketchcrawl in the SW Waterfront area started out cold with some drizzle and pretty grey.  My attempt at the Tram structure was challenging with lots of angled shapes. It was filled with all kinds of stuff and part of the challenge was to try for it all to make some sense in the drawing.
View from the Pedestrian Bridge looking east with the Ross Island Bridge on the left and McLoughlin Blvd on the east side of the Willamette River.
Later I walked up the Pedestrian Bridge to get an overall view of the area along the SW Waterfront. The crane structure in the foreground was a formidable structure and I thought interesting enough to attempt to draw it. Again there were a lot of other things going on and the trick was to try to make it 'read' well....I kind of lost the river in there...but there is always an opportunity to try again. The Pedestrian Bridge was a great viewing place for this busy area!


  1. very nice - going horizontal and vertical and I think they both read well....I like the splash of subdued color in the horizontal one, the rhythm of the verticals, the variety of the shapes across the's interesting the crane and the other large shape on the left have opposing triangles of sorts on different planes which creates a nice tension and adds nicely to the left to right wavy rhythm. Glad to know about the foot bridge view- I'll have to check it out....Cheers, Don

  2. Thanks Don. The site has shown lots of possibilities and probably another visit!

  3. Deb, I'm just overwhelmed looking at these sketches. You tackled such complex subjects, but handled them so well. I wouldn't have know where to begin with scenes like those.