Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Countdown

Our spring & summer scavenger hunt is ticking down! For a sketch to count towards the final tally, it has to be posted to the blog by Saturday, Sept. 1st. (Let's make that before midnight, Portland time.) As of this writing, that gives us all 24 more days to work down the list--and a lot can happen in 24 days.

I've made a little chart of our progress, using a thumbnail of the sketch in question to check off the boxes for each category. It's scaled down a lot in this image, so the details are hard to make out, but sure gives an idea of the dynamics of our sketching so far:

As of 10pm on August 8, fourteen of us have thrown our pencils and brushes into the ring. We have art from Anne, Rita, Alanna, Linda, Katharine, Marianne, Don, Deb, Celeste, Kalina, Carrie, Marco, Katura, and Vicky. Interesting statistics:
  • Most sketches posted: Katura and Vicky are currently tied for the lead, each with 21. Next up is Katharine with 15, then Deb with 11. 
  • Things most sketched: We've got 8 cups of coffee and 7 fire hydrants. Fountain, Stripes, Watercraft, Rose, and Unusual Hair each have 6 sketches.
  • Things least sketched: "Three Groins in a Fountain" is the only item that nobody has drawn at all yet. Only one Portlandia has been posted since the scavenger hunt started. (Earlier Portlandias don't count!). Streetcar, Umbrella Man, Dog, Mount Hood, Hung Far Low Sign, Food Cart, and Gondola each have two sketches posted. 
Here's a link to the original post about the scavenger hunt challenge.  Thanks so much to everyone who is already playing the game, and remember--if you do two sketches per day, you could still easily beat the deadline!


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  1. This little chart is so cool... I'm hoping to get a few more items in before the end of summer especially now that I have a little more free time!