Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Fountain to add to the challenge tally

I did this sketch of the Skidmore fountain during the workshop with Marc Homes. I had to finish it at home and then crop out the part that I didn't get sketched on location. Marc was amazing in how fast he could accomplish a sketch and watercolor it.

We sketched the Farmers' Market with Shari Blaukopf on the Saturday that it was 102 degrees! I spent most of my time observing Shari work so I only got the sketch done and did the coloring at home.

I did not paint the highlighted areas. I took the picture outside partial sunlight and liked the effect.

Burnside Bridge done with Marc and Benson House done with Shari. Both of these were almost completed on location. Whew!

Posted by Katharine


  1. Wow, Katharine! That's a lot of excellent watercolor work in a short span of time! I love them all.

  2. Wonderful Katharine. Your detail is awesome.

  3. I especially like the Benson house, nice compositions and very lyrical. Thanks for sharing you're work ethic is inspirational! Cheers, Don

  4. Katharine, these are lovely! I especially like the fountain with the wonderful trees behind it and the farmers' market, with the gorgeous dappled light. I'm eager to see these all close up.

  5. I really like the Burnside bridge view, with the shadow patterns in the foreground and the cityscape behind the bridge making up the background. I can feel the heat in that one especially.

  6. I love these, I agree with Vicky, love that fountain and the way you depicted the trees behind it. Good stuff!