Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Bridge

I've been dragging my feet on choosing what bridge to draw for our artistic scavenger hunt. Portland's bridges are so darned iconic that it's hard to chose! But yesterday I found myself waiting on the Hawthorne bridge, as the drawbridge section was just starting to rise...and I realized that this was be the perfect moment to capture in a sketch. I scratched it out in ballpoint pen and then added watercolor at home. * He tardado mucho en escojer un puente para la búsqueda de tesoro artístico. Los puentes de Portland son tan icónicos que ha side difícil escojer! Pero ayer me encontré en la puente Hawthorne, esperando porque el mecanísmo de levadizo estaba empezando a trabajar…y me dí cuenta que era el momento perfecto para capturar en un bosquejo. Lo dibujé con bolígrafo, y anadí la acuarela al regresar a mi casa.


  1. Wow...impressive composition. I love that you have once again taken advantage of a situation to check another one off the list. Good Show!

    1. Thanks, Deb! It was fun trying to catch it in action. It seems like it takes forever for the drawbridges to do their thing--until you decide to start sketching it, then it suddenly goes super fast!