Monday, August 6, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Unusual Hair

The “Curiosity” robot landed on Mars! I was sketching the JPL scientists, and what with Mohawk Guy and the beared long-haired fellow, I think I found some folks with “unusual hair.” (Especially if you compare it to the styles of the Apollo Mission Control team.) 

 ¡El robot “Curiosity” aterrizó en Marte! Estaba dibujando los científicos de JPL, y entre el muchacho con el penacho y el hombre con barba y cabello largo, creo que encontré “personas con pelo fuera de lo normal.”  (Compáralo con el estilo de los científicos en el equipo de los cohetes Apollo.)


  1. Wow, recording this momentous event AND getting in a scavernger hunt item, too, is impressive! Well done. (I must say, the Spanish was harder today. I hope I picked up a few new words.)

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I had been struggling with "unusual hair" because weird hair can be so commonplace in Portland. But in the context of JPL and NASA, yeah, that's unusual hair!

      (I'm pleased to say that my habit of listening to 1990s rock bands from Mexico gives me good vocab around the topic of extreme hairstyles in Spanish)