Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tanner Springs Park

It was nice to meet up with Deb Linda, Vicky, and Emily on Thursday evening to sketch at Tanner Springs Park. The one tricky thing about this scheme was that my brain was pretty fried after work, so it was hard to focus on drawing...but whatever, they are just sketches after all.

We batted around some fun ideas about upcoming places to sketch. I'll sift through the list and circulate those ideas via the email list, and then we'll see what sounds fun!


  1. Fun sketches! The tinted paper works well. Especially like how you evoked the water in the shadows of the second one!

  2. I like your sketches, but I think your brain might have been a wee bit tired, because that was Linda, not Deb, with us on Thursday:)
    I'm amazed that you had a long work day, biked across town, and then turned out some nice sketches! Ah, youth!

  3. Tanner Springs is a wonderful park and one of my favorites....I wish I had been there!