Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ladd's Addition

I didn't bring a bike to yesterday's sketchcrawl, so I stayed in Ladd's Addition and sketched in a couple of alleys. In the first one, I tried going right to watercolor, without lines, but I found that I got lost in all the shrubbery and buildings, so I went back to my trusty pen. Feeling a bit too confident, I tried to sketch a man who rode by on a recumbent bike, but he ended up out of proportion and looked like an insect. Luckily, the Palio card hides the evidence.

For the second sketch, I started with pen, went to watercolor and then added more ink. I think I may still add some darker ink fenceposts since it doesn't have much contrast.

It was a lovely day, tucked away in the alleys, sketching with Linda. Then it was a treat to have everyone return and show their sketches of goats and bikes and all kinds of things. Thanks to our organizers and to all the sketchers who showed up to make this another fun sketchcrawl.

1 comment:

  1. The Palio card just adds interest. Great greens on this one!
    I think it pays to hang out in alleys.