Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bike & Sketch: My Challenges

I had a wonderful time meeting you all and rolling around town. There were some challenges for me, aside from taking the leap to join a new group: I'm not so good at creating scenes; I usually find I look at detail and small vignettes, so putting together a view is a thing I can work on. And, drawing in 20-minute slots -- that's something I haven't done except in art classes and I didn't feel exactly adequate to the matter.

For this one, begun on the Esplanade, I finished up the background city-scape after I got home, but making myself add only about 5 minutes to the exercise. I'm thinking that doesn't violate the principles of urban sketching too much?

You all did a terrific job of organizing the event, and keeping your flock in order. Thanks!


  1. Capturing a scene is a challenge for most of us. I think perhaps the most important aspect of it to me is to get a sense of how the space feels when you're in it; your sketch communicates a feeling of ease and open space within the busy city, so I find this sketch quite successful.

    I enjoyed meeting you, Susan, and hope to see you at future sketchcrawls!

  2. Susan, I think a lot of us have shared that same initial hesitation upon first joining in for a sketch with unfamiliar people--but then it becomes so rewarding! I also remember the feeling of trying to sketch quickly (when I was used to careful pencil lines, first), but even that has become easier. I think your sketch captures the day--bikes, companionship, nice day, all in the urban landscape. Congratulations!