Monday, June 17, 2013

Esplanade biking and sketching

 Being a 'country mouse' I don't normally ride my bike down in Portland, but I did so Saturday so I could meet the others on the Esplanade for some sketching. I decided to stay along the river and out of the traffic, and had some fun biking. It was great to see so many sketchers turn out on their bikes for this event!( and I love all the great sketches I've seen...especially the goats!) So much was going on near the riverfront it was hard to know what to sketch, so I would up staying! The bridges won out but I took a bunch of photos for some future sketching.

Also experimented with some new toned paper and white gel pen. To try and sketch faster I used a Pitt grey, drawing in the main lines and shadows and then following up with a micron and the white pen for details. Added watercolor to the one sketch at home using my photos for a guide....and am thinking I may add color just a bit to the others as well. Plan on another sketching trip downtown soon!


  1. Really nice! Especially the last one, it's gorgeous. I love those bridges in Portland.

  2. Pete, coming from you that is a great compliment! I love your work! I actually added a bit of color to the last sketch after I scanned it...some blue in the water and a light beige for the esplanade....think it adds more life. I'm new to this style of sketching....usually take much longer with detailed pen and ink.