Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Successful Bike and Sketch ride for Pedalpalooza!

Katura made a fantastic map for the route we planned out.
We gathered first in Ladd's circle and 23 people introduced themselves.
The bike part was quite pleasant.
Next stop, eastbank esplanade (for safety, wear helmet while sketching)

Next stop, goats in the city! We were so lucky to get to go in and meet the goats...who loved checking out our supplies.

This is cooper.
Next step, Lone Fir cemetery.

Ad then, back to palio's where we met up with the non biking sketchers and shared our work.

I'm hoping to show off my sketching attempts soon, as I have been out of practice lately.


  1. I love this photo essay! And yes, it's important to ALWAYS wear a helmet while sketching. Safety first!

  2. Wonderful to have this photo group posted...it makes it seem like I am there with you all

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Those goats are very cute. But I'd bet they'd eat your sketchbook as soon as your back was turned!
    --Kate B

    1. The babies (two months at this point) will nibble on just about anything. They still primarily prefer hair, though.
      —your neighborhood intermittent goat-minder