Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Rose Festival and the great weather brought me downtown last week I spent some time at Pioneer Courthouse Square and did two sketches...For the building I used pencil first, then ink done on site and the watercolor added later. I found it harder to do the quicker figure sketch in ink.... think I got the figure too dark and a bit out of proportion.....but had lots of fun in the process !

Hope to get to the Bike and Sketch on least for part of it!

I also went to see the great showing of Allen Say's illustrations at the Main Library ...a really worthwhile show that is in the 3rd floor gallery until June 30th. I have three of his books and had him sign them at the reception on Sunday!


  1. I really like how you painted all that glass against the sky in the building sketch. I know just where you were sitting for the other. It looks very Portland: book, sandals, jacket and bike.

    I'm and Allen Say fan, too, and have been to the show a couple of times. His large washes and subtle color changes are incredible.

  2. Thank you for the mention of Allen Say. I just watched the video on Artbeats and was incredibly touched but it. I'd not known about him before. He has a new fan.

  3. Really nice sketches! I'll have to check out Allen Say. I like your person a lot.

  4. The light on that skyscraper is so very shiny! I'm inspired to start looking at buildings in a whole new light now. Bravo.

  5. Thanks guys...I hope everyone gets to see the Allen Say exhibit at the really is special.