Sunday, June 16, 2013

By Rail, By Sail, By Bike

I'm catching up on posting sketches from the last several crawls, and find a transport theme has accidentally emerged.

We celebrated National Train Day at Union Station...

SketchCrawl - Union Station, National Train Day
SketchCrawl - Union Station, National Train Day SketchCrawl - Union Station, National Train Day

We sketched the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain while they were docked in Vancouver over Memorial Day weekend. I started with a thumbnail in which I worked out some problems of ratio, but still had a lot of trouble in the final drawing. And then the Hawaiian Chieftain sailed away...

Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain docked in Vancouver, WA

Katura and Alanna and their spouses teamed up to provide an organized sketchride as part of Pedalpalooza.

Sketchcrawl/Pedalpalooza - Portland from Eastside Esplanade

Sketchcrawl/Pedalpalooza - Urban Goats Sketchcrawl/Pedalpalooza - Lone Fir Cemetery 

Many thanks to Katura and Chris and Alanna and Tad for their work to make the sketchride a success! It was also great to meet new sketchers and to get return visits from sketchers we haven't often seen.

Here's hoping this summer treats us all gently and we can have many beautiful sunny days of sketching together.


  1. Woo hoo! Seeing these three months of sketches in a row makes me feel like we lead lives that are very full of adventure. I'm enjoying the whole set, but am especially delighted by how well you captured the lap-goats!

  2. You have such a range--from the dynamic train and crowd scenes, to the delicate tall ships and esplanade sketches and then the dark and shady cemetery--all great. It's really fun to see how the goats nuzzled right up to the sketchers.