Friday, May 31, 2013

Tattoo Portland

Yesterday, I walked through Pioneer Courthouse Square and realized it was time for the Festival of Flowers. I couldn't figure out what the design represented or if it was finished, until I saw the banner that identified the theme as 'Tattoo Portland.' Then it all made sense.

There are tables and chairs among the flowers, so I pulled up to one and did this quick sketch,
without being hit by the pigeons swarming above or the intermittent raindrops. 

Here's a photo where the theme seems pretty clear.

You might want to check it out and make a sketch. Those chairs are much more comfortable than the bricks.


  1. Portland has its own bit of weirdness, doesn't it? Fun drawing!

  2. I like that you got that person sitting among the blooms and the others on the steps, setting the scale. And kudos for taking 'the opportunity' to record this scene!

  3. Wish I could get down there for this. Nicely captured!

  4. I like your sketch Vicky. I guess I have till next Tuesday to try one for myself. Those flowers go on sale next Wednesday.

  5. Thanks, Carrie. Hope you got a sketch.