Monday, May 20, 2013

Corrugated Metal

I was down in Eugene this weekend, and had some relaxing time to sketch little scenes of the city. Funny how it all seemed focused on pieces of corrugated metal! * Estaba visitando la ciudad de Eugene esta fin de semana, y pasé el tiempo tranquilamente pintando algunos rincones de la ciudad. ¡Que curioso que todo fue enfocado en pedazos de metal corrugado!

View from the coffee shop. * La vista desde el café.

Pizza kitchen made from a shipping container. * Cocina de pizza hecho de un contenedor de transporte.

Decorative lights in a friend's patio. * Luces decorativas en el patio de una amiga.


  1. I really like your watercolors. They're light and airy. Interesting perspective you've used, too. I should remember to look up!

    Your corrogated metal theme gives me an idea for a future scavenger hunt. We could look for 3 things of corrugated metal, 3 of natural stone, 3 of unfinished wood, etc. (It sometimes helps to find a way to break out of drawing usual topics.)

    Glad you had some relaxing time this weekend:)

  2. I love the perspective on the lights. I agree with Vicky - look up once in a while ...