Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

I think it's always interesting to see different people's versions of the same places. That's part of why we sketch together, isn't it? 
 We got to the festivities as they were opening and families started wandering in. Everything looked organized and polished and ready to go. Some of the delicious smells of food cooking were already being carried in the breeze.

The ferris wheel towers over all the tents and other rides. I always like looking at the riders when I cross the Morrison Bridge.

I stole this composition idea from Deb. Her's is better.

 We sketched the Artisan Village to the accompaniment of children playing their newly purchased bird whistles.

We were in the main tent for the Naturalization Ceremony where many new citizens were sworn in. Proud family members and friends snapped photos. As Deb said, it was very moving.

Later, we sketched Caesar, a musician who played several different flutes, pipes and rattles.

It was my first time going to the Cinco de Mayo festival, but I'll definitely return again. It was a lovely way to spend a gorgeous day.


  1. Love your sketch of the Naturalization Ceremony especially! The people are very convincingly done even at this light-touch level of detail, and the commentary in your notes is awesome and hilarious. "Taking the pledge/taking the pictures." Yes!

  2. These are wonderful Vicky....the color is key to my enjoyment. They are soft and yet brilliant and clear.
    My favorites are the two first ones because I remembered them in their beginning stage.... And, how did you get those people so well proportioned in the Ferris Wheel sketch? When I remember trying to do that in my own sketch the people were moving so that I couldn't seem to get a proper reference point for the scale. Awesome!

  3. Thank you, Katura and Deb, for your generous and thoughtful comments.

  4. I really like the top one with the ferris wheel, the colors and the figures, and just enough lines to hold it all together. Great perspective on the wheel as well. Overall, all these sketches are really fun to look at.

  5. Thanks, Marco. They were fun to make, too.
    I'm sure you'll be busy with your new baby soon, but I hope you have time to post some of your sketches.
    Best wishes!