Friday, May 10, 2013

New Sketchcrawl: National Train Day!

Join us this Saturday, May 11, to sketch the National Train Day event at Portland Union Station!
National Train Day is a free public event that is family-friendly. Union Station will have historic train cars on view (including a live 1938 steam engine!) plus a sneak-peek at some of the new train-sets that will be added to the the Cascades line soon. Expect kids, clowns, dancing, raffles, and maybe even a speech by the mayor. (And heck, the Union Station building is a historic beauty that deserves being sketched in its own right.)

9:30 - 10am: Gather at Lovejoy Bakers, NW 10th & Lovejoy
10am: walk over to Union Station to sketch the train, the station, and the crowd.
12:30: gather outside Union Station's main entrance to share sketches. Then we can walk together to Backspace at NW 5th & Davis for lunch or snacks

Note: Part of the motivation for offering this sketchcrawl is the fact that a large proportion of the  sketching regulars will be busy on our normal sketch-crawl date of May 18. We're going to cancel the official meet-up on May 18th because of that--but don't let that keep you from exploring the world with pencil in hand on your own! 

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