Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Bike as Art competition

  All of you Urban sketchers out there.....please enter this competition! Drawings need to be submitted no later than June 29th so you have plenty of time. I know for a fact that you can all draw some great bikes....this is a 'First Annual' event so we need to get the word out to make it happen. I'll be posting flyers like the one above all over Portland this next week.  Let me know if you would like a few to post in your neighborhood! We'll be offering some great prizes!    Linda Engstrom

I'm going to Barcelona in July and have been taking an online sketching workshop from Jorge Royan in prep .....( 
....these are two photos of a sketch I did a few weeks ago up in the San Juans....showing the revisions I did to create more depth. The old wood dock was an obstacle that I decided not to alter....I think it tells an interesting story.....


  1. thanks for the tip in regards to the contest, hoping to find time to enter. i liked seeing the little edits on the sketch. those little things change the look of depth quite a bit.

  2.'s been really fun to have so many people critiquing the art work, as well as offering new ways to get depth and to frame the intended subject. Before I just sketched what I liked without thinking about it so I really spend some time searching for a more unusual viewpoint.

  3. ALSO....thanks for considering entering the contest...I'm hoping the Urban Sketcher's support this and participate in a big way...we really need entries to make it work this first year! (plus I know that most of us can draw some great bikes!)