Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cinco de Mayo in Portland

On Friday I met with Vicky to explore the scene on the Waterfront in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. This was opening day and we got there just as it opened so for a bit it wasn't very busy.

Cinco de Mayo- carnival midway

This is a view from the end of the carnival area looking back towards the big Ferris Wheel. About this time the other rides started to happen and it was a struggle to make sense of it all and get them in.

Swearing in ceremony for new US citizens
After a bit we situated ourselves in the main tent to watch the swearing in of our newest citizens. I was amazed at some of the countries represented....and some I didn't even recognize. It was all very moving with the participants and their families there to support them. I learned a few things during that session about how citizenship will impact these new citizens.

Craft vendors booths at Cinco de Mayo in Portland OR
All of the craft booths and vendors were very colorful with the Mexican flag prominently displayed. In the drawing on the left I borrowed Vicky's very fine Sepia marker...I liked the effect of sketchiness. Lastly we sat in the shade (it was starting to get hot) of a smaller stage to hear a musician play some indigenous instruments.

Musician playing indigenous flutes



  1. Deb, I've been eagerly awaiting this post of your sketches. They look great and your narration sums up the day perfectly. Each of your sketches contains just what is needed to tell the story and, as always, your compositions are terrific. Son maravillosos!
    Whatever happened to that red blob that happened when your sketchbook blew shut in the wind?

  2. What a fun event! The swearing in of new citizens sounds totally wonderful and heartwarming, wish I had been there to see it. I'm especially enjoying the sketch of the craft vendor booths with the Mexican flags flying overhead--the really minimal use of colors draws attention to that repeated element in a delightful way.

  3. Deb,love your choice of colors and compositions!

  4. these are great, just enough information in your lines, and the touches of color are perfect. looks like it was a good time!

  5. Thank you all. It was a good day. In a couple of hours Vicky and I got multiple interesting sketches......where are your sketches Vicky?