Monday, May 13, 2013

Train Day at Union Station in Portland

I escaped on Saturday for  a little retreat to join the other Urbansketchers and have some fun at Union Station.
I thought the crowds would be a problem in finding a bit of space to settle and sketch but it turned out not to be the problem I had anticipated. I focused on the steam engine SP and P 700 (Spokane, Portland and Seattle 700) in this head on view. This was a favorite spot for picture taking!

Ink and big Pitt pen.

And then moved to a view of the whole scene from the pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

Ink and big Pitt pen for the shadows

Later I found a spot to get a little more up close and personal to these two very bright train cars.

Watercolor and ink after the color was set down

There was so much activity...... the world of trains and train aficionados. Some miniature and  some full scale, everyone seemed to have an interest in being there! 


  1. These are all terrific, Deb, but the view from the view from the pedestrian bridge is incredible! You got in bridges and I think even a MAX train on the left. Am I right? The colors on the bottom train cars are stunning. Love that color combination. So glad you made it out for this.

  2. A couple of great sketches here. I agree with Vicky, the panorama from the pedestrian bridge is awesome! Great use of the medium!

  3. These are all wonderful Deb...each one illustrating a different technique! I also love the has everything, including great depth!

  4. Thank you Vicky, Marco and Linda for your awesome comments. I was so happy to be out and about with the sketchers at Union Station.....! It was fun.