Monday, July 23, 2012

Tram & William Temple House

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Tacoma Saturday, but I do have a couple of scavenger hunt sketches. Here's a distant view of the OHSU tram from a walk through the south waterfront neighborhood.
And here's my sketch of the William Temple House from our recent group trip there.


  1. Is this our first tram sketch? I love it! It feels very dynamic, and the way the lines of the cables fade in and out is delightful to look at.

  2. I was thinking that the tram had to be one of our most difficult subjects. You have accomplished this beautifully though. Love the shadows on the tram support! And I admire the soft blending of your colors in both drawings. Nice.

  3. The trees in both of your sketches are great. I really like how the tram is swinging over the treetops in the first one. (That's how it feels when riding it, too). In the second one, the trees in the back, front, and middle really frame the Wm. Temple house.