Friday, July 13, 2012

This and That

I thought I'd better post some of these before we load up a bunch of Bastille Day sketches tomorrow.
This is my William Temple House from a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a few more scavenger hunt items:

The Farmer's Market at PSU, last weekend...

  a foodcart (not nearly as lovely as Linda's in our banner)...

another sketcher, in stripes...

and if you look very closely, you'll see a couple of little brown birds on the sunflower leaves, sketched at Edgefield last week....

That is that, for now.



  1. Nicely done, Vicky! I love the light and airy feel of your watercolors. Looking forward to the Bastille Day madness.

  2. I agree with your color palette is so clean & fresh. Love them all but am partial to Will'am Temple house and the birds & sunflower. The pop of orangy-red in the latter is super.

  3. Thank you both so much for your comments! I hope to see you both at the Bastille Day sketchcrawl. We may not be in Santo Domingo, but we'll be there in spirit:)