Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beaucoup de Bastille Day Sketches

The Bastille Day sketching expedition was a lot of fun. I started off with watercolors, tackling the musicians and one of the ladies listening to the music.

That brought me to the end of my little sketchbook with the lovely handmade cold-press watercolor paper. Switched over to a smooth-paper sketchbook with those same watercolors to capture the little girl who was running around with an Eiffel Tower made from pink and white balloons.
Then I ended up filling up the end of that sketchbook as well, with quick gesture-sketches from the infamous Waiters' Race! They were carrying bottles of Perrier with 3 glasses poured out, took plenty of balancing skill. I was intrigued by how different the posture was on each of the waiters as they walked by--I think they should get extra points for dignity and poise, not just speed!

Whew! What a fun day. (And if I can fill up two more lingering sketchbooks, that will be a green light to shop for a new one, bwah ha ha.)


  1. I love the tuba player--beautiful shadows, gorgeous colors (one would get pink cheeks playing that huge instrument), and great volume. That was a fun day and your sketches reflect so many aspects--the musicians, the crowd, and those very brisk waiters! I can almost hear the Edith Piaf melodies from the chanteuse!

  2. These are so great. You have captured the day and events beautifully (love the color). And I am so impressed that you went the extra mile to actually sketch the waiters' race! In the first gesture drawing you have not only gotten the shapes but it seems that you have given it a sense of the movement also (these people are not static)....great!