Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Train to Tacoma

    We met with about thirty other sketchers in Tacoma around the Museum of Glass this past weekend. The site was awash with architectural gems to draw....heaven!   

small color sketch of Tacoma skyline

 I found myself a nice open plaza with a great view of all of these interesting architectural shapes. The contrast of modern bold shapes with reflective surfaces and old bold shapes with arches and architectural details and patinated surfaces was a visual delight.


a panorama of the architectural structures around the Museum of Glass in Tacoma
There was so much that was visually stimulating that this panorama just moved from one great shape to the next.
A view of Chihuly Bridge of Glass

After a full day out sketching in Tacoma there was only a little bit of energy to do some sketching on the train.


  1. Deb, these are wonderful and your panorama is jaw-droppingly stunning! I'm so glad I got to see them in person, but wish I had been looking over your shoulder while you drew in your accordion book.

  2. Thank you both. When I got home the images and possibilities seen through others drawings kept going through my head and I wanted to be back there again drawing....what a great place!

  3. Beautiful sketches Deb, love the panoramics!

  4. Thanks Gail. It was lovely to meet all of the sketchers there...what a great group of people and with tons of talent!

  5. I love the line quality of your sketches, and the panoramic views are awesome!