Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old Montreal - Le 375 C

Hey everyone! I just got the list for my workshops in Santo Domingo - many familiar names from sketchblogs everywhere.  I see people from Brazil, France, Germany, Portugal, and Venezuela. Though mostly from Canada and the US. Makes sense I guess, as the DR is easier for us

Our Portland workshop is filling up fast as well. I'm getting nervous like always - speaking about painting is harder than just doing it! :) So, we figured we should get out for some more practice!  No better place for sketching than Old Montreal.

Shari took on the foreboding Silo No. 5 while I exercised the better part of valor, drawing a nice classical building across the street.

We were sitting on this abandoned rail bridge leading into the Silo so we could both see our subjects but still be drawing side by side. In the last few minutes of the painting a security guy drives up and tells us that’s not an abandoned rail bridge at all, and we should move our gear or get ready to join the Darwin Awards. Fortunately I only needed to re-enforce a the darks in the hedges and pop in the statue out front.

I’d like to have sketched it back in the day. Check out this archive photo! (Before restoration after a fire in 1860).

We did a second sketch after lunch, which I’ll post that in the next few days -  I’m putting together a small ‘making of’ at the moment. I was trying to do these two in a strict, by-the-book manner while taking notes for my workshop session. This year I’d like to have a little more structure to my presentation. More on that soon!

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