Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bridge sketching & William Temple House

Fremont Bridge from NW 12th and Overton

A beginning panoramic be completed on another day
Last Wednesday I set out to do some sketches of bridges. I had some idea of doing the 405 overpass but that didn't pan out....there just didn't seem to be the right view that I was looking for. Another day perhaps? I ended up doing several views of the Fremont Bridge and this one was the best of the bunch.
I really liked the area around NW 15th and under the overpass so I started this panoramic drawing that I intend to continue on another day. Next week is looking pretty good....maybe?

With the rest of the group that gathered on Saturday I got this view of the William Temple house. It really is a very complex structure with lots of texture and detail. Another view from across NW Hoyt was started but had to be aborted because of the rain....I would like to return sometime to finish it though.


  1. This is a really nice sketch! Makes me want to get out and get to work ~

  2. These are just great, but how did I miss the panorama when we were passing around sketches? I really love the disappearing Fremont Bridge (such a terrific composition) and the WT House looks nice in gray, to suit the day.

  3. Your sketches are wonderful. How long did you work on the William Temple house?

  4. Thanks. Vicky, I didn't have that sketchbook with me to show on Sat. It was done on the Japanese accordion sketchbook we all got at the Portland Symposium...and I might just be able to finish it with this sketch!
    I don't remember how long I worked on the Will Temple house sketch Katherine...but lately I have been doing sketches in about 15 minutes or so.
    Thanks Mark. I went to your blog...your have a wonderful sense of humor and love the detail of your drawings.