Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small boats and William Temple House again

 This past weekend Riverswest (a group dedicated to small boat building and of which Curtis is a member) in conjunction with the Portland Wooden Boat Festival put on their annual Family Boat Build. Twelve families participated and all successfully launched their new craft on Sunday afternoon. I was there Sunday morning to sketch the boats in their final stages of construction under a big tent at Willamette Park.

 Today I returned to the William Temple House to complete the drawing that I had started on June 30th. And while I was there I couldn't resist doing another of the incredible architecture...roofs at extreme angles (a view that is exaggerated since I was looking up) and impossible junctures. The possibilities are endless...what fun!


  1. I think it is rare to find anyone but an architect that can draw long straight lines. I know I avoid them in my own work. These are great - love the boat bottoms.

  2. I know just where you sat when you made that 2nd WT House sketch! I like it in sepia. The two page spread is especially nice. Love the limited pallet.

  3. Thank you Vicky and Carrie for your very positive comments. That is the beauty of this forum...we get to see things differently through others comments. I seem to be always busy being critical and tend to see only the things that didn't work. Thanks.